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Welcome to Gloria Learning Academy

First and foremost, we are happy that you have found us on the website. If you are here, chances are you are worried about your child's learning difficulties, and you are finding ways to solve them so that they can learn effectively.

Our educators will help solve learning difficulties through careful observation. It involves few different aspects of a student's learning temperament.

  1. Cognitive development

  2. Academic development

  3. Behavioral development

  4. Social-emotional development

We at Gloria Learning Academy works in a holistic way to provide a comprehensive education plan that will address all the aspects mentioned above. We do so by conducting a learning temperament assessment then consulting parents on the results and solutions needed for their child.

Worrying increases your stress level. It is always good to speak to our educators to solve the underlying problem. Students use our modules at home and in our center. They show positive results within three terms. Their parents are happy with their progress.

Call / Whatsapp us for an appointment and assessment. 012-5641050 We wish to hear from you soon. May God bless you always :)

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